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We are currently full for our daycare spots. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

What our daycare offers:

- Different temperament dog play groups (our groups are not based on size of dog)

- One hour puppy lunch (for dogs under 8 months only, provided by owner)

- Breaks throughout the day, if needed

- Pools, hose, sprinklers, & bubbles

- Fenced in outdoor Astroturf and outdoor concrete area so they never return muddy!

- Toys (if applicable)

All Daycare dogs must be updated on all vaccines and show proof:


 - Rabies

- Canine Distemper #3

- Bordetella (Intra Trac or Kennel Cough) 

**Dogs 6 months and older are required to be spayed or neutered** 

We do not accept dogs that under 12 weeks in age.

How to get set up for Daycare:

1. Send us your vaccine records!
Please make sure  you have all of your required vaccines and that they are updated before sending them to us.  We cannot make a reservation without them.  If you do not have a copy, ask your vet to help you out!  Vaccines can be emailed, faxed, or dropped off.

2. Schedule and pass your evaluation!
Our evaluation process is a 3 hour drop off either  8am - 11am or 9am - 12pm: Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday.  This is to ensure that your dog is comfortable in the yard with our other participants.  A more detailed description is below (please read).

3. Congratulations!  Welcome to daycare!
You can schedule your full or half days with us and bring your pup home tired and ready to snuggle!




Prior to starting daycare, every dog must pass an Evaluation.  Evaluations are drop offs and are 3 hours long.  Your dog will begin in a kennel for 10 minutes to ensure they are able to be placed in a kennel without complications. Next, they will be slowly introduced to 1 dog from our group(s) at a time to be evaluated by our trained staff to make sure your dog is comfortable in our daycare group.

Evaluations are not forced on the dog.  Not every dog is a good fit for daycare, please do not challenge the staff's decision if it does not work with your dog.  If your dog is uncomfortable in any way, lunging, snapping, biting, extremely anxious, and/or showing any signs of aggression, you will be asked to pick up your dog before the end of the 3 hours or they will be placed into a kennel until you are able to pick up.

If passed, there is a 2 week or first 5 reservations (which ever comes first) trial period for your dog.  Not all dogs express their true play behavior on their evaluation day due to nervousness and being in a new environment, regardless if they have been to a different daycare.  This trial period is to give them time to become more comfortable and show true play style.  If your dog's behavior changes in that time negatively, you dog can be susceptible to dismissal without warning.  Negative behavior(s) are not held responsible by The Animal Playhouse.


*The Animal Playhouse has no breed restrictions*

The Animal Playhouse
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