Overnight Stay! for Cats




We understand leaving your kitty behind can be stressful for you and them so we have taken steps to make your kitty feel as comfortable as they do at home!  Our cat condo's are kept completely separate from our dog boarding for a relaxing and quiet environment.  Our condo's allow the maximum space for them to play, climb, and relax.  Our staff is here from 6:30am to 8pm to ensure the best care for your cat.

We are an all inclusive facility so each condo is equipped with bowls, beds and blankets, litter and litter box.

We prefer owner's to bring their own food to prevent upset stomach, although we can provide wet and dry food if necessary.  Any treats you would like to bring for your kitty are welcomed.

Boarding Services

All cats must be up to date on vaccines and show proof of:


Feline Distemper (FVRCP)

**Vaccines not administered by a Licensed Veterinarian are not accepted**

Drop off:

Monday  - Friday: 7am -4pm

Saturday: 8am - 12pm

Pick up: 

Monday  - Friday: 7am - 1pm

Saturday: 8am - 12pm

Sundays we are not open for pick up or drop off

136 Orchard Park Road • West Seneca, NY 14224


P: 716-324-5500

F: 716-824-4712


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